Empowering victims of assault through comprehensive forensics, advocacy and support
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Circle of Safe-T, Inc. is a confidential, safe place you can go where you will be treated with dignity and respect, and receive support by a team of caring professionals. You’ll receive the protection of law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, and rape crisis advocacy by an advocate providing on-going support.

Law enforcement
Our police and sheriff are trained to investigate sexual assaults but they cannot apprehend perpetrators if the victims do not report the crime. When you report a rape or sexual assault, an officer will first make sure you are safe and will then transport you to a hospital that has a rape crisis center.

SART nurses (forensic nurses)
Our SART nurses have been specially trained to conduct a forensic-medico exam on survivors ages 12 and older. Evidence is collected and documented in order that it may later be admissible in court to help prosecutors bring perpetrators to justice. In addition, SART nurses are trained to recognize potential medical care you may need after an assault and will refer you to an Emergency Department, urgent care or your medical care team.

Rape crisis counselors and advocates.
Advocates are trained, certified Sexual Assault Counselors who specialize in assisting victims of sexual assault and their families. A victim of sexual assault has the right to have a victim advocate present at any forensic medical exam, law enforcement interview, or District Attorney interview. Penal Code 679.04(a)
Advocates provide emotional support, counseling, information, aid in practical issues and concerns, and assist in dealing with family members and professionals.
Advocates maintain confidential client communication and do not investigate the crime.
Penal Code 1035-1036.2
Advocates provide accompaniment, referrals, and assist in the healing process.

District Attorney.
The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office maintains a unit of prosecutors with specialized training in the prosecution of sex crimes.
This unit works closely with law enforcement and other Circle of Safe-T Team Members. The prosecutors review completed criminal investigations and make a determination regarding whether criminal charges can be proven in court. Once criminal charges are filed, the prosecution is handled in a vertical fashion, meaning the same prosecutor works with the victim and law enforcement throughout the life of the case. Prosecutors participate with Circle of Safe-T by coordinating training and case review with the team.

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Law Enforcement

SART (forensic) Nurses


Forensic Experts

District Attorney